Alan Johnson – Biography

The Untold Story

On the surface, Alan Johnson is an accomplished Business Analyst with more than 13 years of business experience in the financial markets. Thanks to his rich portfolio, Alan has always ensured his relevance and viability. Alan is a senior business analyst through his expertise, skill, and experience in the system.

He covers the qualitative and quantitative aspects of business and is currently a lead business analyst for forecasting business trends and evaluating business performance. Before his role as a business analyst, Alan has worked as a business analyst for various leading companies.

Before that period, he worked in the government department of sport and health before moving up to the senior business development department, where he spent ten years. He also worked at the Queensland University of Technology in Business Development, Chancellery Division for three years.

Alan is so efficient at his job, he is known to take unhealthy portfolios and make them into thriving ones. Although he caters mainly to corporate executives, he also provides consultation for international corporations.

Financial Analyst

Business Enthusiast

Besides his role as a freelance business analyst, Alan is also a co-author of a business leadership publication. He is effective at influencing high-ranking individuals. For most of his successful career in the corporate world, Alan has successfully grown and nourished his passion by researching international natural resources, emerging markets, and investments.

What really makes Alan a success is not just the people he has worked with. Instead, it is how he makes connections with them and communicates his understanding back to them. All of his efforts have successfully landed in huge deals worth millions of dollars while handling the quantitative needs of her client.

Now, Alan owns a business consulting company working to enhance systems and processes. He aims to further engage more decision-makers and business leaders and also grow in the business. To do this, he is open to conversations, challenges, and idea exchange in the financial industry.