Alan Johnson delivers new reading parcel to help children in care transform their lives

Wed, Nov 26, 2014

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Alan has become patron to the Booktrust’s targeted reading programme, The Letterbox Club. The Letterbox Club is an award-winning programme managed by Booktrust, in partnership with the University of Leicester, which aims to provide enjoyable educational support for looked-after children aged 5-13.

Letterbox Club is available on a subscription basis and each child enrolled by participating local authorities or schools is sent a parcel of books, maths activities, stationery and other materials once every month for six months, from May to October. Children usually receive the brightly coloured parcels directly addressed to them at home.

Alan recently helped launch its latest book parcel, Letterbox Orange at an event in the House of Commons. Letterbox Orange, is aimed at five to seven year olds and is the latest addition to the programme, which now covers four different age groups. These parcels are sent out once a month for six months and eagerly anticipated by children in care.

Speaking at the event Alan said “The Letterbox Club provides the means for disadvantaged children to escape into another world and, through doing so, helps to transform lives”.

Since the launch event it has been confirmed that Hull is one of the latest local authorities to sign up to Letterbox 2015, which will help to transform the lives of disadvantaged children within the local community.

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