Real Help for the Unemployed

Fri, Mar 20, 2009

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Real Help for the Unemployed

This week’s figures show the human impact of the global recession and the redundancies made at the beginning of the year.

Behind the statistics is really bad news for individuals and their families and that is exactly why as unemployment rises the government is increasing the help it gives people losing their jobs.

The government is not able to stop people from losing their jobs in a downturn but  does not believe that unemployment is ever “a price worth paying.”

The Government has invested £2bn already to make sure people get the help they need and to recruit 6,000 more staff in Jobcentre Plus.

The government can either invest millions in people’s future now or pay billions in a future Pfizer mexico viagra where people are stuck on benefits.

Most people who lose their jobs still find work quickly, but the government’s message is the longer you are out of work the more help you will get.

The Government is investing nearly £2bn more to give more help at every stage of unemployment:

Before redundancies happen:
• The government wil give help to people at risk of redundancy to find a new job, even before they become unemployed through the Rapid Response Service.
• We have doubled the funding for RRS, and will double it again.

From Day One of Unemployment:
• The government announced in the Pre Budget Report that it would invest more to guarantee that everyone looking for work will, from day one:
• Help and advice on finding a new job;
• Help to write a new CV and fill in job applications;
• Help on retraining and skills advice;
• Help with their rent and with their mortgage from 13 weeks;
• Help to access to the new vacancies recorded by Jobcentre Plus every working day.

From 3 Months Unemployed:
• People will get extra help with mortgage payments (SMI) to help them keep their homes when they lose their job. We are giving twice as much help, paid earlier.
• In addition, the government has stepped up the help it gives with wider job search and more intensive support from advisers.

New guarantee of support from 6 months unemployed:
• The majority of people move off Jobseekers Allowance within 6 months, but Labour is guaranteeing more help for those that don’t.
• The government is promising every jobseeker more support if they have not managed to find a new job within six months. As well as extra funds for Jobcentre Plus to allow them to provide more intensive and personalised support, the two year package will include access to:

• “Employers’ Golden Hellos”: incentives of up to £2500 (£1000 in Scotland and Wales) paid to employers to recruit and train unemployed people
• New training places: extra funding for training places to help unemployed people get new skills to maximise their chances of getting jobs from the 500,000 vacancies in the economy.
• Work-focused volunteering options: opportunities to volunteer to help people back into work habits
• Help to set up a business – advice on creating a business plan, plus funding for the first months of trading.

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