Queen’s Speech 2008

Sat, Dec 20, 2008

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On 4 December we had the traditional occasion of the Queen’s Speech ceremony.

It is a uniquely British event where the Queen reads out the Government’s legislation.  But behind the pomp and ceremony is important news for Hull West & Hessle.

The Government’s Legislative Programme will build on the Pre-Budget Report and will help equip people to meet the economic challenges facing our country as a result of global downturn.

This Government has always represented the interests of the many, not the few which is why this Queen’s Speech is about a fairer future for all, not just for some.

Fair chances

Our determination is that Britain is a country of fair chances where hard work is rewarded.

So we will provide real help for communities with investment in reformed public services to support the economy.

This means fairness for everyone through lifelong access to education, training and apprenticeships, as well as a health service that meets the needs of all patients.

Our commitment to a fair chance for all will be taken forward in bills to eradicate child poverty, to promote equality, to promote

Fair future

Fairness for all the savers who have worked hard to put money away for a rainy day, through new rules to stop banks getting into trouble alongside new protections for their savings if they do.

We are taking action now and the bills set out in the Queen’s Speech will strengthen the financial sector through the Banking Bill, support families and those on lower incomes to save through the Saving Gateway Accounts Bill and support local regeneration and housing.

Fair rules

Fair rules are about making sure that if you can’t or won’t contribute to this society, you don’t get rewarded.  Fair rules mean that if you can work, you must work.  We will help people make the most of their potential and the Welfare Reform Bill will help people find work.

We know individuals, families and businesses flourish in communities that are strong. A fairer future is built on communities where fair rules apply to all and where everyone can have a fair say. People need to know that there are clear rules in place which are seen to be fair, enforced and making a difference – on the streets and in the boardroom.

That means fairness for communities that want a crackdown on crime, a fairer say in how their communities are policed, tougher measures on crime and punishment and migrants that play by the rules.

Our package of laws will help promote fair rules with tough measures to punish and prevent crime. We will strengthen the border and ensure earned citizenship.

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