Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008

Thu, Nov 20, 2008

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The Act received Royal Assent on Thursday 13 November.

The Act updates the 1990 law to ensure that it is fit for purpose in the 21st Century and keeps the UK at the forefront of developments in treatment and research.

There are no changes to the 1967 Abortion Act resulting from this legislation.

The purpose of the Act is to maintain the UK’s position as a world leader in scientific research into the treatment of a range of serious and degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Cystic Fybrosis, as well as maintaining our position into fertility research

In the UK, one in seven couples need help with fertility treatment, 350,000 people live with Alzheimer’s and each week five children are born with cystic fibrosis. This legislation gives hope to these individuals and families by enabling scientific research while maintaining proper controls.

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